Telephonic interview

Telephonic interview Expectations and Suggestions

In the old days’ process of Telephonic Interview was only for the first stage in the screening process. Now in 2021 Telephonic Interviews came into the picture seriously when candidates can’t travel and attend interviews on company premises. The company is seriously considering a candidate for the job when HR called for a telephonic discussion. It saves you the time and expense of traveling to a face-to-face screening interview.

The company wants to know the feel for the personality behind the CV. They’ll ask you about your CV, background, work experience if experienced, technical skills, why you want the job, etc. You can prepare for this type of question before the conference. You can easily create your own cheat sheet for better answers in the discussion.

On answers given in the discussion, the interviewer will decide whether to invite you for future interview rounds. You should treat it seriously because it’s a win situation in advance.

Tips For Telephonic Conversation:

  • Set the call up for a time when you’re able to relax and not be disturbed.
    This might mean asking to be called outside of office hours or at lunchtime.
  • Don’t do it at work.
    You’ll be too nervous to do yourself justice. if you are in discussion and suddenly team member managerial person came then what will you do?
  • Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview.
    Sit neatly in your chair and hold the phone as you would at work. It helps you present a professional image. For a face-to-face interview dress style you can refer Dress Code in Interview – a little way of success
  • Really listen.
    You can’t see the interview panel member, so you’ll need to concentrate on their tone of voice and what they’re saying. You might be surprised lots of information a “pregnant pause” can give you.
  • Think about your body language.
    Think like the interviewer sat opposite your chair and behave like that. Control your body language and relax while discussing like a little smile. on your face, it will give you freshness while giving answers. 

Expectations in Telephonic Interview.

Phone Range :

Candidate must seat on proper space where mobile will get have full coverage. So call will not drop or candidate get good coverage till telephonic discussion. Don’t walk while giving interview, may be face coverage problem and interviewer can’t hear your voice properly. 

Truth : 

Whatever you talked with an interviewer just tell the truth, as per my experience most the interviewer focus on your logic, how quickly you sort out the problem, not bla bla bla or nonsense talk. 

Conclusion :

Telephonic interview is a key towards second round of discussion. Candidate must have to listen carefully what interviewer asking questions, seat relax and give answer logically. 

Give your comment or suggestions, I will surely update post with your ideas. 

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